I Killed My Dog :'(

There was a scary alien parasite going from person to person and a bunch of us locked ourselves in my house. My dog was still outside and when I realized that, I called to her but right before she could get inside, the Parisienne jumped to her and get in her body. My father then took an ax to her and tried to cut off her head to kill her. It was brutal and not working, and I was freaking out looking for a knife to kill her more effectively and hopefully more humanely. I stabbed her in the neck and she died. I was devastated. The parasite jumped to another person instead but they ran off. I refused to let anyone touch my dogs body, and the next day, her body started healing itself and soon she was alive again. I was so happy to get a second chance, I did not care if she was possibly infected by an alien or not.


Vampire Serial Killer

So in the dream I was a ruthless vampire although I do not remember actually killing anyone in my dream, just that I know I had. My parents and sister caught me and questioned me about it. I told them I would lure them over AIM and then kill them. They appreciated my honesty and told me I had to die. My sister slit my throat and as I was dying I told them that I love them.

Horror and Other States of Being

I was trying to get away from an evil guy, I can’t remember what his deal was but he was very powerful and was killing a lot of people. I managed to hide from him for a while but he found me and grabbed and crushed my hand. And he ripped my hand which at that point was bone fragments in skin and it was a pain so horrible that my screams were making people nearby very queezy.

At that point, another man who was a good man, showed up and I begged him to fix my hand because of the pain I was in. He turned me into a cloud and gave me the ability to turn into a cloud and back into human form whenever I wanted. Not only did that help the pain but it made it impossible for the evil man to hurt me because I was water vapor. Through this process I discovered I could turn liquid things into a cloud with me. Because of this, I was given the task to take a vat of liquid…I can’t remember what it was but it was important and something that could take down the evil man forever…I was to take this vat of liquid across the country and deliver it somewhere so it could complete its purpose. So I turned myself and this liquid into a cloud and I floated, with the other substance cloud inside of me, across the country.

I then woke up dripping with sweat.

A Dream from Childhood

I have a dream I remember from childhood! I was around 5-6 years old when the dream occurred.

I got lost in the woods and and it seemed like it took a long time to finally track down my family who had moved apparently in the time I was gone. It seemed like to me, only days, but it was actually years. When I tracked down my family, my mother who had grown sad and haggard, had aged many years, they all did. My siblings has moved out. My father did not remember me but my mother did. I had not aged a bit. I just remember feeling so empty and sad. I remember feeling so sad that everyone had aged and seemed so tired. And it seemed like they had given up on me.

Bathroom Destruction

At some point just Twobit and I are in our apartment and I go into the bathroom half awake to find that half the bathroom is gone, pieces falling apart…floor boards falling away, chunks of dry wall falling through the holes in the floor, water gushing from the ceiling. In a rush I am trying to call the maintenence person Patrick but the number I wrote down is illegible and I am still only half awake so things are blurry and I feel heavy…weighted down. Trying to dial the number and can’t string together 3 digits from the paper to the phone, was having major memory blocks. Meanwhile, Twobit keeps almost falling through the floor or getting too close to the live wires (exposed and threatening to come in contact with water). Oh and the hole is getting worse and worse and threatening the structure of the entire building and the water just won’t stop. Everytime I looked it was worse.

Invasion & War

The country was invaded by another country (not sure what one) and everyone was getting rounded up and killed and whatever houses were left after lots of bombing would just become inhabited by people from the invading country. Now Scott [boyfriend at the time], Twobit [my dog] and I were just hiding out and then just tried to “blend in” with the invaders which wasn’t hard because we had brown hair…I guess like the invaders (language not an issue?) and I was trying to choose the “best” part of town with the best potential to live in. The city seemed like New York City, lots of brownstone row houses type deal…half of them bombed anyway. So the whole time we are trying to just not have our cover blown and for some reason, Twobit was the biggest tip-off, like the invaders didn’t like or normally have dogs, so the soldiers kept asking questions as to why we had a dog and we would say that we were going to eventually eat her…and then we would run away to find a new house to live in so we wouldn’t be found out that we didn’t eat Twobit.

The Matrix Inception and that one Sliders episode

I discovered something about the world, only because of my lucid dreaming. I half-awoke to beings around me inserting unknown things into my skin. My skin was translucent, sticky, like it was digesting itself, due to lack of use. I woke to a world where every human was tricked into thinking a virtual reality dream-world was real. Sounds like the matrix, but instead of being used like batteries, we were instead used for our consumerism, it was a marketing plan or some sort that lasted most of everyone’s lives. As babies, our parents were marketed this virtual reality game and now the game was just much better than life itself, and people spent years in there. Those who spent years in there had our bodies breaking down. I woke to this truth and of course had to warn everyone but the corporation sent in beings that were possibly androids, to insert tracking devices on me.